Route Calculation

- Route planning according to criteria that can be enabled or disabled (motorways, toll roads)

- Route planning in "fast" or in "short" profile

- Road blocking possibility

- Route calculation according to provided traffic

- Route planner, route itinerary

- Distance to destination with estimated time of arrival



Map Display

- Clear map visualization

- Colored map in design and content comparable to paper map

- Finger-friendly attractive UI

- 2D ("bird") perspective view and 3D perspective view

- Zoom level (camera altitude) reflects current speed

- Day and night color profiles

- Possibility of external data visualization


Navigation Guidance

- Car and pedestrian mode

- Clear navigation sybols

- Lane-guidance/Lane assistant

- Speed restrictions

- Speed cameras 




Search Options

- Smart keyboard

- Additional address point database support

- POI, (Points-of-interest incl. my POI) searching based on location or route



Supported Platforms

- Android 2.1.,2.2.,2.3

- Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 and 6

- Microsoft Windows CE 4.2,5 and 6

- Microsoft XP, 7, Vista

- Apple iOS (March 2012)

- Smartphone devices

- PDA devices

- PND devices