Since 2005, Cyprus GIS Center on the Geographical Information Systems and Urban Information Systems to provide services. Urban Information Systems, Vehicle Tracking Systems and navigation systems, which is a part of the marketing began.


Vehicle Tracking Systems in the establishment of priorities for us to serve you in between. If desired, this application as soon as possible in the implementation of We are proud to be you can help.

Tools, 7 days, 24 hours, followed by continuous barriers for non-business trips.


Time of commencement and completion reports, and work to optimize the workflow. Drives, where they made to eliminate unnecessary phone calls. Thus, significant savings in labor provides and save time.


Non-business use of vehicles passing in front of, unnecessary work, sudden acceleration, deceleration, and speed, making oscillations prevents the use of the vehicle by controlling the poor. Thus, a significant fuel saving. 24 hours a day 7 days follow-up and detailed reporting increases due to the control and supervision of vehicles and drivers.


The use of stolen vehicles or vehicles and speed, avoiding the bad traffic ensure compliance with the rules. Possible sends an alarm in case of an accident or emergency. An accident, reduce the risk, reduce traffic fines, allows immediate intervention in emergency cases.


Vehicles that match your movements (speed, Km, timing) information obtained from In line with people who use them, where, when, how, answers to questions like on the map, from the mobile phone messages, detailed reporting techniques on paper is to take the information.

Based on the information received in this time, fuel and money, and therefore the loss of labor force

is conserved. The person using the vehicle and secure, and is guaranteed to be controlled. Vehicle tracking and fleet management systems can monitor vehicles on digital maps, rates, followed

their routes, stop locations and times they can see.


Tools from anywhere with an internet connection, you want to install the computer program of

Through connecting to the web pages you want to watch it on maps. Pocket sending a text message or mobile phone using your computer the location of your car You can learn and speed. If you want to send alarm and warning messages on your mobile phone.


Not only the speed of your vehicle where you can follow. Tools upon request exceeds the specified speed limits SOFTWARE sends you a warning.


PROGRAM history never forgets! Followed by the two vehicles is the date range that you specify

route on the map where and when they overcame the speed limit or in writing you can get reports on the fly.


Made by two kilometers of the place and date you want your vehicle via GPS satellites in kilometers, regardless of meter will show you.


Established tools and mobile data devices, location information from GPS satellites if they Depending on the temperature condition sensors, telemetric data such as fuel level GSM / GPRS using the network transmit telepathic control center.


Thanks to special software and servers is compiled from the information recorded on the data bank. Customers telepathy computers vehicle tracking and management software or the Internet by connecting to the web pages of telepathy watch tools, tools to send messages, change the status of remote instruments and alarm program.